Struggle to Write Characters? Here’s Help! – by Jami Gold…

As writers, we have to make our characters seem real to readers. Let’s stop for a minute and think about how amazing that concept is…

We’re taking an idea from our heads — nothing tangible, nothing specific — and giving readers something that feels real. We’re giving them characters…people, really, that they wouldn’t be surprised to meet on the street. We’re giving them characters to look up to, friends to connect to, characters they can learn from, book boyfriends to swoon over, etc.

Almost every reader has a story to share about a character that felt real enough to them that they’d like to meet, talk to, and/or be friends with them. When we think about the character-creation process from that perspective, what we do is pretty amazing. *grin*

But it’s often not easy. So today I’m sharing two resources that can help us create characters that seem real.

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