How to Talk to a Writer

humor in writingI’m madly working on my book launch, scheduled for March 7th. So, instead of writing a new article, I’m reposting this from a few years ago for anyone who didn’t read it then:

My efriend, Kirk Allmond, had a hilarious rundown of what NOT to say to a writer. Well, they were all true, but I still couldn’t stop laughing. Truisms like, “Leave a writer alone when they’re writing. You have no idea how difficult it is to enter the zone.”

So I decided to put together my own list of how to talk to a writer. See if you agree:

  • You can’t scare me. I’m a writer.
  • Patience and writing is an oxymoron
  • Patience and writers aren’t friends
  • Must. Remember. To. Eat.
  • Some days, writing looks a lot like work.
  • I successfully spelled ‘Worcestershire’ today in my book.
  • There are days I wouldn’t know a good plot twist…

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5 thoughts on “How to Talk to a Writer

  1. Here’s one that bound to make eyebrows raise.

    “But did you ask me what – insert name of favorite character> said?”

    I guess as long as you don’t finish the sentence with “They’re my friends you know,” those nice young men in their clean white coats will let you be.

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