Phases of a Story: The Solid Foundation

Legends of Windemere

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This week is going to be an experiment coming from an odd idea that I had.  Stories go through phases just like matter.  You have the idea, outlines, first drafts, final drafts, published versions, and other phases in the middle.  So, I was wondering how stories are similar to the three main phases of matter.  This could easily fall flat, especially when I get to the Gas post on Friday.  *pauses for laughter*  Anyway, let’s dive right into this and touch on the easiest phase: SOLID

Aside from books being something you can hold, the thing we look for the most with a story is how solid it is.  Similar to matter, you need the pieces to be densely packed and organized for the whole to maintain its shape.  One part falters and you can watch the entire structure crumble.  We talk about stories with a lot…

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