Should You Know Your Ending?

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I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to disagree with this sentiment.  The path of the pantser if fairly common.  Not the way I do things, but I’ve run into many who simply fly into a story to see where it goes.  There could be an ending in mind or it could just be a beginning or middle that they have.  One thing I can be sure of is that it differs from person to person.  Then again, I’m a severe plotter, so I shouldn’t speak as if I understand the other side of the pasture.

While I don’t come up with my endings first, I do like to have them in mind before I start writing.  This helps me keep things on track and avoid running the story into a brick wall or minefield.  Some would say that the downside is that your writing…

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5 thoughts on “Should You Know Your Ending?

  1. I’m with William. Characters find such interesting diversions along the way. But I do think the author needs an end in sight, even if the characters fail to get there.
    The difference, in my experience, is with crime novels. You do need to know whodunnit, and why, and what sort of red herrings you’re going to plant along the way. Or at least, that’s my excuse for why I can’t write crime novels 🙂

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  2. I’m a self confessed pantster. That said, you better know where you want to end up. I’ve compared the plotter and the pantster to two different people trying to get from New York to LA. The plotter knows ahead of time every turn, every gas station and diner along the way, probably where even every hitch hiker is and knows everything about going from point A to B.. The Panster start out, finds gas stations and diners best he or she can, may or may not pick up the hitch hicker, takes a side road to go check out the biggest ball of twine in the world, then get’s back on the main road. The idea is both had better arrive in LA. The biggest issue with being a pantster is you might tire out along the way.

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