CreateSpace to KDP: The Aftermath – by Jami Gold…

For many years, independent and self-published authors often turned to CreateSpace and its print-on-demand capabilities to offer paperback versions of their books. However, late last summer, Amazon announced that CreateSpace was going away and being merged with KDP (Kindle Digital Publishing).

Authors with books in CreateSpace were told to migrate their books over to KDP when prompted. Several blog posts recommended that authors try to move their books as soon as possible to avoid problems and/or get any problems fixed before the crush of KDP’s efforts to migrate the remainder.

Or not… Once KDP announced that any books not proactively migrated prior to their deadline would be moved automatically and remain live the whole time, some of us didn’t bother doing the work before the deadline. *raises hand*

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5 thoughts on “CreateSpace to KDP: The Aftermath – by Jami Gold…

  1. This is an excellent comprehensive guideline to maneuvering into the new system. I do have to say that the KDP print quality is not as good as CreateSpace, which I find odd since it’s all still owned by Amazon. They have probably farmed the printing out to an ever cheaper supplier.

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  2. Chris, during the transition from CreateSpace, I lost the paperback cover for book 2. Wish you still provided that service. The person who was helping me with uploading interiors and doing book covers has disappeared…again (no word from the person for a month now and I fear the worst). At least with CreateSpace I could get a book cover done and interior formatted and uploaded even if it cost a lot more than necessary. I have book covers for 2 more in the first series and 1 in a second series just about ready to be published. It can be very discouraging.

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