Prepare your eBook and Paperback Using Kindle Create

Nicholas C. Rossis

Last October, I started using Kindle Create to prepare my manuscript for publication and wrote about my experience using Kindle Create to create your manuscript.

Amazon has now released an Early Access feature that shows the direction the company wants to take their software.

Prepare Your eBook and Paperback with Kindle Create

Kindle Create | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookThe new feature’s main point is that it lets you design both a Paperback and eBook edition from a single file. In effect, Amazon wants you to stop using Word to format your document. Instead, you will paste your text into Kindle Create and format it there.

Several elements that you needed to enter manually until now, will be handled automatically by Kindle Create. Specifically:

  • Kindle Create will automatically enter the book title at the top of the right-hand pages and the author’s name on the left-hand ones. Their alignment and style can’t be changed.
  • Margins will be automatically calculated to…

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5 thoughts on “Prepare your eBook and Paperback Using Kindle Create

  1. So now those of us who have figured out how to massage a Word document so we can use custom fonts and decorative details in our print books won’t be able to include these features. All indie print books will end up looking the same, with that “self-published” look. And those who want to keep doing real book design will have to learn how to use some other software.

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