What inspires you? What is your motivation for writing?

Author Don Massenzio


How many of you can relate to the sentiment in this graphic? Do you wake up every morning excited about writing? Is writing a natural part of your life?

If so, what inspires you to embrace this obsession? The purpose of this post is to attempt to determine the things that drive us to write and to not give up. Many of us our independent authors (I prefer this term over self-published). We outsource our publishing to platforms like Amazon, CreateSpace and others. We use cover designers and editors just as a traditional publisher would or perform these services on our own.

Why do we do this without a guarantee that anyone will read our work? Here are some of my reasons.

GoalWriting has been a lifelong goal

Since my childhood I have been enthralled with books. I read everything I could get my hands on and wrote stories from…

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2 thoughts on “What inspires you? What is your motivation for writing?

  1. Thank you for sharing this article! I relate to it deeply. Six months ago when I had a complete manuscript in my hand, I did some analysis and decided to become an indie author. I enjoy walking this path and looking forward to the results. Connecting to the right group of people as small or big as it could be is my ultimate goal of publishing.

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