7 Tips to Working with a Collecting Quest Story: Read the Whole Set

More practical advice from Epic Fantasy Series Author, Charles 👍

Legends of Windemere

Inuyasha Jewel Shard

It isn’t easy setting up a story where you have to get a bunch of things to make one thing or stop someone.  There’s the risk of tedium, repetition, and getting visited by the irritable McGuffin fairy.  He doesn’t take or leave anything, but just sits at the foot of your bed staring at you with disdain.  So, what are some ways to use this story line without falling into the abyss?

  1. Plan out most, if not all, of the needed items beforehand.  You don’t want to run the risk of getting stuck in a loop because you can’t figure out where to stop.  Choose a number and stick to it.  If you want to add more stories then you can always have one get lost and need to be found again.  Maybe something happens to put this story on the shelf for a book or two. …

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