Writing the Legend of the Golden Flower by Paul Andruss

Some interesting historical background information to Christmas Paul’s story.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Tayu (1870 Portrait – Unknown – Public Domain)

A number of things inspired the new Legend of the The Golden Flower Story for Christmas Smorgasbord. It is about the loss of childhood innocence and poses the question: What is truth?

As a child I read a Japanese folktale about the chrysanthemum. It was in one of those ‘Stories from Around the World’ books, we must have all been bought as kids for Christmas. In the story a girl with a dying mother, does an old man a kindness. He is a powerful spirit (kami). He rewards her. Her mother will live a month for each petal on a chrysanthemum flower. Only a few petals remain, so she cuts them into slivers, creating the much loved chrysanthemum pompom and giving her mother a long life.

Imperial Japanese Chrysanthemum seal & cultivated variety (Adapted)

The chrysanthemum was cultivated in China 3,500…

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