Discarded Christmas Trees protecting riverbanks and coastlines from erosion

Life & Soul Magazine

Christmas Trees will be taken down in the coming days, but before you get rid of that tree, spare a thought for the environment and find out if there are any local shout outs for discarded Christmas Trees.

Around the world, discarded Christmas Trees are given a new lease of life, following the Holiday Season, by protecting riverbanks and coastlines from erosion, acting as important flood defences.

Community projects around coastlines plant discarded trees within the sand dunes every year. It serves as a way to repurpose Christmas trees, giving them an important environmental role.

Christmas trees can have a positive impact on dune environments, including protecting against coastal flooding and erosion by helping to regenerate dunes.

Using Christmas Trees to trap wind-blown sand is a traditional and proven dune management technique.

Planting Christmas Trees helps create a fence at the base of a dune and they are put in…

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