How Can We Get Away with Breaking Writing Rules? – by Jami Gold…

It’s time for another one of my guest posts over at Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi’s Writers Helping Writers site. As one of their Resident Writing Coaches,

With this turn for another coaching article at WHW, I’m exploring writing rules and how some authors “get away” with breaking them. For every writing rule, we can probably find exceptions that have ignored the rule and been successful anyway.

So we’re going to dig into that contradiction: Should we ignore the exceptions who have managed to succeed when breaking writing “rules” or try to learn from them?

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3 thoughts on “How Can We Get Away with Breaking Writing Rules? – by Jami Gold…

  1. I find being in a state of writing flow helps most Jami; out of rules and bonds and rigid writing, into following my heart, my intuition. Fool proof way to write and love your work which goads readers to love your work too.

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