Complex Story? Use a Crime Wall – by Kitty The Retro-Writer…

Intro by Jami Gold:

When we’re drafting or editing our story, we usually have to keep track of many, many threads. Who knows what, who’s keeping secrets, where is everyone in each scene, etc., etc.

Add in all our research and the types of details that might later go into a story bible—like characters’ appearances, background, and setting information—and pulling the pieces of a story together can be a complicated job. The difficulty skyrockets if our story is complex, with lots of characters, secrets, mysteries, parallel plots, etc.

What’s an overwhelmed writer to do? Some of us keep track in notebooks or systems like OneNote, but other writers—or more complex stories—need a bit more. *grin*

Today, Kitty The Retro-Writer—who uses a non-traditional pen name because she loves the idea of having a secret identity—is sharing her expertise as a noir mystery author who needs to keep track of countless clues. She’s teaching us how to stay on top of our story and its details with a crime wall.

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