Breaking Down the Strategy for Writing Success – by C S Lakin…

on Live Write Thrive:

To reach your ultimate goals that speak of a successful writing career, you have to break the process down into chunks.

In the last two posts (start here) I introduced the components writers need in order to formulate a practical, usable strategic plan for their writing career. Instead of wandering aimlessly, writers can envision what they want their careers to look like in a year, two years, even five years, and reach a specific destination: the realization of their vision.

Last week I looked at the first element needed to consider in strategic planning: the vision itself. Hopefully you filled in the blanks for all those vision statements and now are ready to tackle the next step: creating your strategy. I’m also going to touch on milestones a bit here and continue on in next week’s post.

Once you have a vision for your writing career, it’s not all that hard to create a strategy to reach it. But you want to be realistic when it comes to meeting your goals.

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