Pieces of a Book: Chapters and Scenes

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Legends of Windemere

I’m a big Planner.  From Legends of Windemere to Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks, I set things up before I really get started.  I look at this as a first draft in a way because it helps me lock in main events and get an idea of character paths.  Others do the same, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t always look the same.  The overall structure of the book can take many forms.  I’m just going to mention mine and maybe others will talk about theirs in the comments.  Perhaps other posts too because I don’t think people discuss their own layout style as much as their writing style.


I do chapters, which isn’t something rare.  I aim for 13-18 chapters when doing a novel, but it does depend a lot on the story itself.  There have been some that come in short and fall under novels. …

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