Stumbling on Stone with Siberia swiftly ascending

Another gentle (genteel? genial?) Canal Update from our intrepid Narrowboater, Ian Hutson 😎

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Notable Bene; Yes, that is a christmas tree atop that crane, and yes, it has twinkly lights.

No idea what the traveller-person/alternatively-domiciled citizen’s caravan is doing there. Zero miles per hour, by the look of it. Perhaps the horse left it parked there, when it ended it all in the canal? Horses sometimes do that, you know, when they find out that They Shoot Horses, Don’t They &etc.


The previous move was the move that just wouldn’t stop.

The plan had been to mooch on to the edge of the town of Stone, and thence to find some cute and cuddly moorings and to see what’s what, where and why, with whom. In the event I had to mooch almost entirely through the town of Stone before there was an available mooring. I found one just before dark…

This was not the welcome from Stone that I had…

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