How to keep in touch with your book when your writing routine is disrupted

Nail Your Novel

I’d planned a post about self-editing. But then I thought – really, Roz? This close to the holidays, who cares?

Indeed, it’s more likely that the seasonal ding-dong is turning your routine downside up. If that’s merry and welcome, great.

But some of us (including me) get panicky about losing touch with our work.

This post is for you.

Don’t fight it

Resolve to do smaller sessions on your book. To stave off anxiety about your slower progress:

1 Figure out how much time you can regularly set aside, realistically.

2 Make a schedule.

If you do this, you’re in control. You’re making a plan you can stick to. Goodwill henceforth.

How to think small

Here are ways to think smaller while still making progress.

1 If you use wordcount targets, reduce them, obvs – then surprise yourself when your concentration lets you exceed it.

1.5 Or turn the limited…

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6 thoughts on “How to keep in touch with your book when your writing routine is disrupted

  1. Good article. Posted this on the site:
    My tip: Read what you have written so far, keep rereading the last scene and thinking of where you intended it to go next. Keep those images/thoughts on repeat in your head if there’s no opportunity to write them into the draft or make a few notes.Bring those thoughts to the front of your mind in bed when you’re ready to nod off – it’s amazing what the subconscious can come up with.

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