An Authors’ Guide to Creative Commons – by Deborah Makarios…

on Jami Gold site:

With NaNoWriMo wrapping up, many writers will be looking forward to the next step of their publishing journey. Of course we need to edit and revise our work first, but what then?

For many writers, the focus has always been on deciding between the traditional publishing path, with querying and submitting, and the self-publishing path, putting our work up for sale on our own. However, there’s another aspect to publishing that we might not have thought of before: What rights we want over our work?

We’ve heard about copyright, sure, but there’s more to our rights than just claiming ownership. Those other rights are where Creative Commons (CC) comes into the picture.

Like many authors, I didn’t know much (anything) about Creative Commons licensing and figured it wouldn’t apply to our books. So when Deborah Makarios mentioned in the comments here a couple of months ago that she uses CC licensing for her stories, I invited her to share her insights into what Creative Commons is and how it might apply to authors.

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