How People Really Decide To Buy Your Book

Nicholas C. Rossis

Bookstore book marketing book browsing | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksPeople judge a book by its cover. However, as every author knows, that’s not the only thing that makes them buy a book. Tucker Max recently explained in The Writing Cooperative what else influences their decision in a post we should all bookmark. As he points out,

Almost every potential reader will judge whether or not to buy and read your book before they have read one single word inside the book.

He then continues to explore the unconscious process of choosing whether to buy a book or not, breaking it down into a handy list, listed in order of what readers will consider, from first to last:

  1. The title of the book
  2. The recommending source
  3. The book cover
  4. The book description
  5. Editorial reviews
  6. Customer reviews
  7. The author bio and picture (depending on where the picture is placed)
  8. The length of the book
  9. The book text itself (the “see inside” function…

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4 thoughts on “How People Really Decide To Buy Your Book

  1. Getting a recommended source is not easy, but I sent one of my books for review to Writer’s Digest and received a great and honest review. I use it on my author page and with my description of the book. I does make a big difference. I know I need to do the same thing with my other published books. Great Post and thank you both! Karen 🙂

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