Biggest TermiteWriter sale ever!!!!!

From Cyber Monday, 11/26/18, through Christmas Day, 12/25/18, all my books will be only 99 cents each.

Their normal price is $2.99 each, so that means you can get 3 books for the price of one.

Stock up now, because this bargain may never be repeated!

The Man Who Found Birds among the Stars (4 volumes):

The biography of Capt. Robbin Nikalishin, the first starship Captain to make first contact with intelligent extraterrestrials.  Laid in the 28th century.

The Termite Queen (2 volumes) and the series The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head (7 volumes):

A heroic saga about intelligent giant termites, plus a compelling human love story.  Laid in the 30th century.




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