Gutenberg is Now Being Foisted Upon Users – Here’s How to Avoid it – by Nate Hoffelder…

on The Digital Reader:

We’re five days away from the official launch of Gutenberg, the new WordPress post and page editor, and I finally have an answer to one of the most important questions:

No, users will not be forced to use it (at this time).

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23 thoughts on “Gutenberg is Now Being Foisted Upon Users – Here’s How to Avoid it – by Nate Hoffelder…

  1. I like the classic menu for In fact I’ve been avoiding the menu for ages, and using the classic menu there too.
    From what I read about Gutenberg, I can see some really nice things about it, especially for book bloggers, and others where you might reference other parts of your blog that you update.
    But with any technology change, you can only do it when you have time to play with it and get it right. And right now I’m working on my next publication, up against deadlines! Fortunately I’ve already downloaded the classic menu. I just hope I don’t have to do anything else with it.

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  2. Well, I just tried a test post (not intended to be posted!) I can pretty much reproduce what I usually put into a post — paragraphs of text with pictures between them. The background colour thing is kind of cool, and there are probably other features to add some zing, if needed. It looks like it will be possible to flip back and forth between the new and old editors, so if one can’t cope with the new one, all is not lost.

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  3. It’s ok, I guess it will take a bit of time to get used to it (I had the feeling that I was writing on my phone when I was actually using my computer). Does anyone know how to put in the “read more” tag so that not the whole post is visible at once (I like my homepage to be clean). Thanks

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  4. I still don’t use the LAST upgrade. Hate that one! Does “Classic Editor” refer to it, or to the one I’ve been using for ten years? I clicked on the links, but can’t tell for sure, without a more in-depth perusal. Saving these posts for sure, since I’ll need help either way, I imagine. Thanks for sharing, Chris! 🙂

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