Want to know how to shorten the road to novel publication?

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Try your hand at writing Flash. 

You heard right. Writing Flash can ease the way to publication.


For one, writing snippets of fiction can help you finish that novel and make much-needed contacts in the industry.


Have you written a good flash piece? Submitted it for publication? Print or eZine? 

BECCA PUGLISI from Writers Helping Writers,  article link below, shares 5 ways writing and submitting flash fiction can shorten the road to novel publication.

My take away on the benefits of writing flash…

  • Exposes you to editors.
  • Win or lose, contacts with industry professionals is invaluable.
  • Flash comes in many forms. Fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs.
  • Writing flash is good practice.
  • A Flash story can be expanded to a full novel.

Read Becca’s entire article and get the nitty-gritty about writing Flash stories. 

What Can Flash Fiction Do For Novel Writers?



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