That Word Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

Writing your first novel-Things you should know

imagesL95NB2TUI hope this list helps. There are so many misused words out there I couldn’t possibly get them all, so I concentrated on ones that I have problems with

I was misusing some of these words and didn’t even realize it. I’m sure you have a list that makes you stop and think as well 🙂

a lot, alot, allot: There is no such word as alot.  A great number is a lot. If you mean allocate, you use allot.

advice, advise: Advice is what you get, advise is what you do.

aggravate, annoy: If you mean pester or irritate, use annoy. Aggravate means to make worse.

all ready, already: If you mean all is ready, use all ready; if you mean in the past, use already. It already happened.

all right, alright: All right is always two words.

all together, altogether: All together means simultaneously. Altogether means entirely or…

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