Writer Productivity: Who Needs a Magic Wand? – by Pascale Kavanagh…

on Jami Gold Site:

Today’s the first day of NaNoWriMo, so today kicks off the first of many fantastic guest posts I have lined up for us while I’m desperately trying to find my writing groove again. *grin* Luckily, I have the perfect post to get us started on the right foot—whether we’re doing NaNo or not.

Productivity is a major buzzword for writers, especially during NaNo. But even if we’re not doing NaNo, we all want to increase our focus, reduce our distractions, ditch the self-doubt eating away our motivation, and get more words on the page whenever we sit down to write.

Pascale Kavanagh is here today to teach us how we can improve our mindfulnessthrough meditation. In turn, that mindfulness will help our focus, allow us to ignore distractions (even the self-doubt kind), and turbocharge our productivity.

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