Are you overusing character names in your novel? – by Lisa Poisso…

Some of the most common edits I make at the sentence and paragraph levels have to do with overusing character names in a story. These edits arise from a single issue: the tendency to approach things a little too formally, from a little too far outside the framework of how characters would naturally think of others, with a little too much deliberation.

Do your characters use other characters’ names too frequently as they think about, refer to, and address other characters? Put yourself in your viewpoint character’s perspective and you’ll soon absorb a more organic approach.

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2 thoughts on “Are you overusing character names in your novel? – by Lisa Poisso…

  1. As the blogger doesn’t leave room for comments, i’d like to add that overuse of names is likely when the acquaintance is new. Many people use them regularly to fix names in their heads (me especially, but then I’m meeting lots of new people at present).
    The corollary of this is that people you are most familiar with often call you by another name. Mum goes through the family to get to the youngest, etc. But then, who’d put that in a book?
    But friends and lovers? When did you last call them by name in private?

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