Raven’s Wrath Part 30 #horror #thriller #Halloween – by Charles Yallowitz…

The island shakes and stretches as Ian and Addison battle over the ruins of the asylum where they first met. With her hands in her pockets, Dawn continues heading for the building and ducks to avoid getting hit by a flying body. She barely notices the other Gemma run after her rolling twin, the metal leg clunking on the ground. The two women scream before colliding and struggling to gain some advantage in the fight. Stumbling back towards Dawn, they are about to slam into her when the ground opens up beneath their feet. Falling into the crimson dirt, the pair are launched high into the air and left to crash into the forest. They can still be heard battling and shouting, the occasional sparks flying above the trees to reveal that the mechanical Gemma is suffering from a loose wire. Ignoring their subordinates, the two reality-benders circle each other with giant fists that they slam together to create shockwaves that span the entire planet. The blows never leave any damage, which leads to bigger attacks that range from blasts of lightning to nuclear-powered spit missiles.

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