Storytelling: Taking Readers on a Journey – by Jami Gold…

Two weeks ago, we talked about the pros and cons of epilogues. Then last week, we discussed the importance of fulfilling our story’s promise—even if it requires an epilogue.

Just like the debate about prologues, the decision of how to end our story isn’t always clear. On some level, the best choice is whatever direction allows us to tell the story we want to tell.

Seems obvious, but what does that mean? After all, we can probably all think of stories with so-so writing quality that somehow manage to be compelling anyway, so how can we know the “best” choice?

Let’s take a look at what storytelling really is and how we can improve our skills. And while we dig into that topic, we might discover some “rules of thumb” to help us with our story endings—epilogue or no epilogue. *smile*

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