Your Story’s Promise: Do You Need an Epilogue? – by Jami Gold…

We’ve talked about the pros and cons of including an epilogue with our story. In that post, I mentioned a few of the reasons why we might want to include an epilogue:

  • Genre Expectations
  • Sense of Closure
  • Additional Wrap Up
  • Emphasis of Change
  • Series or Sequel Set Up
  • Outside Perspective
  • Emphasis of Theme

Despite all those reasons, most stories don’t include epilogues. At the same time, there’s no shortage of reviews that complain about too-abrupt endings. So when it comes to story endings, there might be a disconnect between what readers want for a sense of closure and what authors deliver.

Why are authors so reluctant to include epilogues—or epilogue-like endings that wrap up the story beyond just the plot—even when having one might help the story or make readers happier? Let’s peek behind the scenes…

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