Keeping matters under review

The trouble some folks go to, to get reviews 😱

Tallis Steelyard


I suppose I’m somewhat remiss in not mentioning Darlom Slaketreader. After all he does run the largest and most prestigious bookshop in Port Naain. His emporium maintains a remarkably large selection of volumes, (although between ourselves I feel his selection of modern poetry is remarkably weak.)

His premises run to several floors and one can look at books, sip infusions and even doze quietly in an armchair should that be your wish.

In the interests of assisting his customers in finding the ‘right’ book Darlom came to an arrangement with sundry printers and publishers. If they wished, they could provide him with an extra copy and he would give this copy to a person of known good taste who had a genuine enthusiasm for reading. This person would read the book and pen a review. Darlom collected the reviews and they were available for inspection by anybody walking through the…

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