How To Be A Prolific Writer – With Bec Evans From Prolifiko…

on The Creative Penn:

Intro by Joanna Penn:

Why is being prolific so important for long-term success as a writer? And how can you develop your own creative process so you can be more prolific? I discuss these topics and more with Bec Evans from Prolifiko in today’s interview.

In the intro, I talk about exciting news out of Frankfurt Book Fair as Apple tells publishers to “be ready” as it prepares to roll out its new audiobook platform[The Bookseller].

Frankfurt’s first audiobook conference also included a discussion on smart speakers, streaming and subscription models [Publishing Perspectives]. Plus, Kobo has expanded audio support to CarPlay [Engadget].

Plus, having fun with creativity through flash fiction, my own audio coaching, and giggling about Banksy’s shredded artwork. Let’s not take ourselves so seriously!

Plus, two useful webinars:

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