Leave a Question for Nadia Sylvan the Lady of Nyte

Get your questions for Lady of Nyte over to Charles on his original blog post comments 😎

Legends of Windemere

Cover Art by Alison Hunt

Here’s another surprise since Nadia Sylvan doesn’t have as many scenes as her more active brethren.  She does have her moments in War of Nytefall: Lost, but she doesn’t stray far from Nyte that often.  Part of the reason is because she has left her warrior past behind and finds that she prefers to be a noble.  A big part of that is falling in love with Xavier Tempest, who is equally dedicated to her.  Honestly, Nadia and Xavier are probably the most stable couple I’ve ever written.

This might not be as long a post as I would like because she is a woman of mystery and simplicity.  Well, she does like to manipulate others and plays complicated games, but she keeps her own life easy to handle.  She loves and supports her husband.  She is very close to the ritualist Stephanie Talon…

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