WordPress and/or Apple are screwing me around…

My sincere apologies to everyone, but no matter how many times I sign into my WordPress account, I find I cannot ‘LIKE’ or reblog some of your posts.

I don’t know if it’s WordPress tweaking with their New Gutenberg Editor, or their other programming, or, if it’s the latest (major) Apple iOS 12 Update yesterday that’s causing the issues.

I’ve already had to make a linking post to Teagan’s post, but it takes time for me to make the same for everyone whose posts I’d normally reblog, so, please excuse me while I go rip up the forest in a fine fit of bad temper (the Apple update has also rearranged my iPad keyboard icons, so I keep hitting the wrong darn buttons).

Chris Graham aka TSRA

40 thoughts on “WordPress and/or Apple are screwing me around…

  1. Go ahead and tear up that forest, dear Ape. Apparently that kind of temperament is now a qualification for being on the Supreme Court. I’d rather see you as the next Justice than the nasty little monkey 🐵 they want to put there. 🐒 🙈 🙉 🙊 Mega hugs!

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  2. I had problems on Wednesday and Thursday with signing onto WordPress, when I did get through I found the invitation to download Gutenberg and take it for a trial spin.. I declined.. so I do think that there was a problem with WP… compounded by Apple. They say that a new upgrade to Windows 10 is coming and they admit there will be issues with capacity… I wish they would get their acts together before they upgrade instead of using us all as guinea pigs.

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  3. After my WordPress fiasco trying to get back to the premium plan, I haven’t had any issues. I’m on a MAC and have been able to reblog, etc. after the update. I want to say your problem is on the WP side. Have you contacted them? I’m interested to hear what happens. I hope you get back to normal. I know crazy this stuff makes me. ❤

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  4. I am having a heck of a time as well. Every time I try to like a post, I have to sign in to WordPress which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t so I have to try signing in to Google + and going to my own blog and signing in there and reloading the post I’m trying to like. And if it isn’t a WordPress blog, it’s even worse. Tearing my hair out here.

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