Novel Writing: What If It’s Boring?

Uninspired Writers

Good morning, amazing writing community. I hope you’re all well.

I wanted to take today to share one of my biggest writing fears. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this. What if my novel is boring?

When you spend so much time with the story, it can be hard to tell. And just because you love it, does it mean anyone else will find it interesting? I had such a dilemma about this during early drafts of my W.I.P. and I think it’s about time I shared how I dealt with it, so that you can too.

1. Add a plot twist
Now, you should never shock for the sake of shocking. Plot twists should be clever, well thought out and, though surprising, they should make sense. There has to be a reason, so that the reader isn’t left confused, or the twist left feeling cheap. But…

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