The time has almost certainly come, the walrus said, to light the ruddy stove #narrowboat #england

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Autumn is upon us.

Autumn, the season of axe-murderers.

1P1150100 Dragging his axe along the towpath, through the smoke from boat stoves.

It is high time that the Cardinal added his own stove-smoke to the others.

It is the law.

1P1150130 Six inches less flue, mayhap two or three inches more coolie hat than hitherto.

Besides, I needs must sometime test the new chimney. I have tested all of my smoke and CO alarms, and they spoke to me in the language of beeps and horrid, automated voices.

Question is, can I remember how to make Man’s red fire?

Can I remember how to keep Man’s red fire going?

To the super-tech of sucking power from the nearest star with the solar panels it is the season in which I must add low-tech, the releasing of heat from dinosaur bones dug from deep in the ground. Contrast el mucho, or what?

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2 thoughts on “The time has almost certainly come, the walrus said, to light the ruddy stove #narrowboat #england

  1. Thank’ee most sincerely sir, tis much appreciated. I did watch the Morse episodes in the end, but it has remained too warm (just…) to light Mr Stove this evening. Perhaps tomorrow, when the Met Office forecast just shows black cloud after black cloud and monsoon rains for the area. At least now I don’t have to go outside to bung the chimney on! 🙂

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