How To Switch From Createspace to KDP Print – by David Caughran…

Createspace is rumored to be closing soon – meaning all users will be forced to transition to KDP Print (or use an alternative service). I decided to get ahead of the move to scout out any potential issues, and there are a few for you to watch out for – meaning, somewhat paradoxically, that you may wish to make the leap sooner rather than later.

I know, I know, it sounds like a big plate of hassle with little upside. But the process might be easier than you think, and could save you bigger problems in a few months. On top of that, this could be a good opportunity to update those old paperback files, clean up your metadata in line with current best practices (hellooooo 2012 keywords), and perhaps consider some distribution alternatives. Let’s get to it!

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7 thoughts on “How To Switch From Createspace to KDP Print – by David Caughran…

  1. Hi Chris,
    David must have had a crystal ball. Today I went in to check my CreateSpace listing and was met with a popup instructing me to move my books over to Kindle Print. David has over a hundred comments and responses. I didn’t wade through them (don’t have the time), but I’m wondering if anyone has moved their books with the new link at CreateSpace. Should we use Kindle Print’s or CreateSpace to make the move? I’m also wondering how much time do we have before CreateSpace does it for us. As always, thank you for your support.

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