How You Can Promote Your Ebook On The Apple iBooks Store – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

Selling iBooks is easier if you learn how to promote them

If you have ebooks available on the Apple iBooks Store, are you using links to help potential readers buy them?

It is straightforward now because there is no longer any need to create links to the iTunes Store.

When iBooks became a standalone application on laptops, Apple created a separate store within the iBooks app.

Whether you have published your book through Draft2Digital, Smashwords or iBooks Author; you can now create links very easily to help your book promotion.

Apple is still the number two retailer by market share for ebooks. So it is well worth the effort to help the millions of iPhone and iPad users, as well as iPod Touch owners, who are buying ebooks to discover your books.

One benefit of Apple iBooks is that there is no subscription service like Kindle Unlimited, so there is no need to contend with scammers and book stuffers or reduced royalties.

When you sell books, it is always at your listed price. Another benefit is that you can offer free books without any issue at all.

Just set your price to $0.00 on your publishing site. You can do this for as long as you wish.

If you are using links to promote your Amazon books, it is just as easy to promote your Apple books.

But you need to know where to look. You cannot copy a book sales page link like you can on Amazon because there is no book page on Apple.

Your book on Apple is inside an app, so you need to do things a little differently.

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