5 Steps to Writing Better How-To: by Betsy Graziani Fasbinder…

on Jane Friedman site:

In the age of YouTube—where instructions for many of our daily how-to challenges can be answered with a click—the needs for books in the how-to genre are changing. If the answers to your potential readers’ questions can be satisfied by watching a video, inquiring of Siri or Alexa, or consulting one of the plethora of For Dummies books already on the shelf, you may not need to write a book on that topic.

While the landscape of the how-to genre is changing, it’s not disappearing. Authors who have a unique voice or vantage, special knowledge and expertise, or can provide useful tools and a deep understanding of their subjects fill a valuable niche on the how-to shelves. Whatever your how-to topic—from techniques for a meditation practice, a method for inviting more songbirds to your yard, or encouraging an eco-friendly lifestyle—it’s by using great writing skills and telling an engaging story that authors of how-to books can offer value.

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