Sooo – You think taking a few photographs is easy? Check out what Wayne had to consider and do to get these dramatic ones…

Tofino Photography


We’ve got close to 600 active fires in British Columbia right now.All those fire produce huge clouds of smoke.These vast clouds contain tiny ash particles.Breathing in this heavy smoke can do a number on your lungs & lord help you if you’ve already got  compromised health!

When I wake up in the morning, I go to a satellite site to check on the cloud situation? I watch this site all day to get a better understand of the cloud structure & direction.The most important tool a photographer is the sun.The light ! Two rules about light………horizontal light good,vertical light bad. Basically sunrise & sunset are the only times one should be taking pictures.Right place at the right time can turn a mediocre subject into a excellent subject!

Light is the most important element to a great shot.Get a half decent subject & bath it in golden light…….& now your talking!…

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  1. thanks for showcasing Chris! I tried to make lemonade out of lemons here.Until these outflow conditions relinquish it’s fiery grip I will not be going out on anymore shoots.If I don’t have the light I cannot take the shot.

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