Does Your Book Have a Firm Foundation?

Marketing Christian Books

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. A building requires a firm foundation to withstand nature and hold up under use. A cracked or insufficient foundation results in a structure that is unsuitable for habitation.

Everything we build requires a solid foundation to survive. Books require a firm foundation to stand against the competition. This firm foundation begins with your writing and the promise you make to your readers. It extends to the physical package of your message (layout and design of the book) and includes the price readers pay for the book.

To ensure your book has a solid foundation from which to launch, ask yourself the following six questions.

1. Is my book well-edited and free from grammatical and spelling errors?

A poorly written book or one that contains numerous grammatical and spelling errors will not gain readers’ approval. Books that are not well-edited do…

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4 thoughts on “Does Your Book Have a Firm Foundation?

  1. We had a new house built in 2016. The builder rushed in order to build many houses and make more money, so the area beneath our foundation was not compacted. And so, the new house is already falling apart at the seams. Alas! Can’t write a book with a strong foundation if my house falls down on my manuscript. Many of the houses around me are having similar foundation problems. Sad. 😢 Bad builder.

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