Top Five DIY Book Layout Mistakes – by Joel Friedlander…

On The Book Designer:

Book designer and author Joel Friedlander takes a look at pitfalls self-publishers face when doing their own book formatting, and explains how to avoid these mistakes in the first place.

How indie authors can avoid book design pitfalls

5 thoughts on “Top Five DIY Book Layout Mistakes – by Joel Friedlander…

  1. I dealt with all these issues while formatting Word docs to publish in print on CreateSpace. I’m happy to say my books are free of these clunky errors. What I did was use a trad-pubbed print book as a model for blank pages, headers and footers, and page numbers. The key is Section Breaks. You need one whenever something to do with the header or footer changes — presence or absence. It wasn’t easy, but once I figured it out, the results were satisfying. I recommend doing your own formatting if you have a high tolerance for frustration and the persistence of a bulldog. Otherwise, I think you can hire people to format for you, and doesn’t CreateSpace offer templates? I’ve never used them myself, so can’t comment. Note: all this applies only to PRINT publishing. Formatting for ebook publishing is way easier, because you don’t have page numbers, headers, footers, etc.

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