Monsters on Monsters in Fiction

Ever considered that Monsters have feelings too? 👹

Legends of Windemere

Universal Monsters

Ogre-  Do we have any of the monsters above in this chat room?

Vampire-  I’m here, but I’m the romantic kind.

Werewolf-  Same.

Dragon-  That would be a no then.  This is exactly the problem I was talking about last time.

Gremlin-  At least the humanization process hasn’t reached all of us.  Then again, we’re typically used as fodder for heroes these days.

Zombie-  Am I supposed to be slow, fast, smart, dumb, infectious, talkative, or frozen?  I don’t know what I am any more!

Demon- I believe we’re overreacting.  Our kind have been changed from culture to culture since before the times of fiction writing.  Dragon, you’ve been a fire-breathing lizard with wings and a wingless protector over the years.  Mermaids have been beautiful and murderous.  These changes happen.

Werewolf-  I miss eating people.

Vampire-  My cousin can still drink blood from humans.  Though, he says some…

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