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Novum Publishing is an Austria-based publisher that has expanded into several countries, including the UK and the USA. It also does business as United P.C. Publisher, and is incorporated in Florida as WSB Publishing Inc..

Novum describes itself as the “publisher for new authors,” whose purpose is to provide newbies with “a fair chance” in a publishing market that’s rigged against them. It touts its service, quality, innovation, and experience. It claims to be a European “market leader”.

This is not the whole story, though the inexperienced authors who are Novum’s target of choice might be hard-pressed to figure that out.

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  1. I know Novum Publishing from the German-speaking market and I can only confirm that this is an established publisher that has been around for more than 20 years. The publisher fills a gap between traditional publishing houses and self-publishing. Numerous authors have already used the services, and some have published several books with Novum.

    I know that in certain groups it is unacceptable to pay money to have a book published. You can look at it that way, but you don’t have to. Many books, especially by new authors or on very specialized topics, would have no chance of being published without the authors’ own initiative. This is where service providers come into the picture. Or, if you have a lot of time and expertise, maybe self-publishing. However, one must not forget that even good quality self-publishing is not free and money has to be spent on editing, layout, advertising measures and so on.

    It is important to find out in advance what options are available. Then you can choose the one that suits you best. And of course you should also read contracts thoroughly, and possibly also have them checked, before you sign them.If you approach the matter with realistic expectations, you will not be disappointed by the result afterwards and will have a good experience.


  2. But publishers make it possible! Nowadays, if you look at who is allowed to publish a book, and above all with what quality, you can ask yourself why a publishers puts its resources into this book? An autobiography of a 30 year old woman who has not made anything in life instead of posting a few photos on Instagram is given the opportunity to publish a book, while many good stories never get a real chance. If this is what publishers like novum publishing want to do and give these people an opportunity, you cannot criticized them for doing this. Basically, they only help people who get under the wheels and only because many publishers no longer care about the quality of books. Teenagers are buying the book from their Instagram celebrity. I find this situation a shame and something needs to be changed. There is an error in the development here.


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