Eternal vigilance.

Another insight to some denizens of Port Naain 😎

Tallis Steelyard

two old men eating soup

It has been said that whilst Justice might not sleep in Port Naain, there are times when it dozes on the job and honest citizens have to step into the breach and ensure that justice is done.

Few can be more dedicated to this task than the Brothers Maranot. They are two men who have grown old in the service of their fellow citizens, yet have at the same time shunned recognition or the rewards that recognition might bring them.

They still run the same squalid boarding house into which they were born so many decades ago. From the outside it looks like four semi-derelict houses on the verge of total collapse. So in that part of the Sump they do not attract any attention. Should you put aside any fears you have about their structural integrity and enter, you’ll discover that the interior is every bit as dilapidated as…

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