How to write a perfect book review

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Have you read a good book lately? But don’t know how to write a glowing review that will do it justice?

Quote by Joyce Carol Oates- A good, sympathetic review is always a wonderful surprise.

Well, have I got a great blog post for you.

Rachel Polibreaks down how simple it is to write a book review.

In six steps write book reviews that sound like a pro.

  1. Cover- Good, bad, amazing or eye-catching?
  2. Reson- What inspired you to pick up this book?
  3. Plot- What did you like about the story?
  4. Characters- Did you love, hate or relate to them?
  5. Style- Did the story make sense? Flow and pacing good?
  6. Rating- Why and what rating did you give the book?

You must hop over and read the entire post. Rachel goes into a lot more detail than I did here. Then you can rock those book reviews!


A great book review template by Rachel Poli via My Book Review Format.

Do you…

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