Writing Characters Through the Lens of the #MeToo Movement

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I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again – connecting with fellow lovers of the written word is the best part of writing! Luna Saint Claire, author of The Sleeping Serpent, is back again to share her insight and knowledge of abusive relationships, and this time she’s applying it to the #MeToo movement. There’s some rich information exploring the ways that these types of relationships can develop,  whilst giving you a structured way to think about how this could relate to their own story world and characters. Over to you, Luna!

What is wrong with these men? I am pretty sure I am correct in assuming that we have all met people who behave badly—men and women alike—who bully, intimidate, manipulate and start fights to get their way. When children act out, have tantrums, bully other kids at school, and generally behave badly we usually associate their…

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2 thoughts on “Writing Characters Through the Lens of the #MeToo Movement


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