Is Being An SEO Copywriter The Right Job For You? – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

But first, what is a copywriter?

Copy is a word to describe text that writers produce to promote a product or service.

In business, writers write copy for brochures, sales letters, business mailings, catalogues and magazine or newspaper advertising. The purpose of copy is to inform or persuade people to take a certain action, such as to buy a product or service.

Today, copywriting has become a synonym for content writing or digital copywriting. Due to the marketing power of the Internet and social media, writing compelling copy is now an essential marketing tool.

For businesses large and small, getting the message out is always a priority. Online content marketing or corporate storytelling is one of the most important marketing strategies almost all companies use today. It is why good writers and good writing are in high demand.

Many of my readers are authors. Perhaps without knowing it, you are already writing a lot of copy to promote your books. You might call it writing blog posts, but it is primarily copywriting.

If you can write well, you can probably write decent copy.

Now let’s add some SEO to the recipe

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