Charged and then thrown off my boat #narrowboat #england #batteries

An update from His Intrepidness, the Scourge of the Cheshire Canals, Ian ‘the battery destroyer’ Hutson 😎

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

To add insult to injury I also today have one hand that looks like a young barrage balloon and another that looks as though I have joke knuckles fitted. I suspect that some fly or flies feasted upon me during the day. Damn flies, and damn anyone who won’t put a candle in their window and stay up all night damning flies!


Anyway, that is an incidental by the by. The past few weeks, off and on, have seen the Cardinal receiving some spring has sprung into summer attention viz an extra solar panel and some goodly interior improvingments and suchlike. Yonder “the Bro” is Chief Engineer in these matters and I am the scrofulous, medieval “Apprentice Fetchquick LiftCarry”. Wiring has been changed, a new battery has gone in up at the pointy end, many fine things have been done. Then the Cardinal’s domestic battery bank decided that it didn’t…

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2 thoughts on “Charged and then thrown off my boat #narrowboat #england #batteries

  1. Much thankings, Mr Ape, sir – tis much appreciated. I discovered today that my favourite comfortable blue jeans, the ones I stupidly wore yesterday while changing the batteries, have developed holes all over them… some idiot (i.e., me) must have splashed himself somehow, some when. Sniffle. It takes about twenty years to run in a decent pair of blue jeans, too. Grrr! 🙂

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