A Living Wage For Writers – From A Most UNLIKELY Source

Tara Sparling writes

A Living Wage For Writers – From The Most UNLIKELY Source

Sometimes your internet life and your real life meet in the most unlikely ways.

For an Instagram star, this might be when they get caught for Photoshopping in a sponsored tan, and out a dimpled arse.

On Facebook, it might be when you’re tagged in a photograph on the night you swore to your soon-to-be-ex best friend you were not going out.

On Snapchat, it…. Oh, who cares? It’s Snapchat.

My two lives collided briefly this week when I read an article in the Guardian about a publisher which is going to pay writers a salary to give up all other paid employment and write full-time.

Apparently, this publisher reckons that writers can’t get really good at it, unless they can do it without the distraction of having to earn money elsewhere. The Guardian says:

De Montfort Literature, a new publishing company that is part of London hedge fund De Montfort Capital…

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6 thoughts on “A Living Wage For Writers – From A Most UNLIKELY Source

  1. This is an interesting idea and my thanks to you, Chris for drawing it to my attention.

    While I wouldn’t say know where a rich patron to pay me to spend my time exclusively composing poetry, I do feel that the life experience gained through work can help to make writing more rounded. Of course life experience divorced from employment is also extremely valuable, however spending one’s whole time in one’s spare room writing would, I think drive some writers up the wall, quite literally. Kevin

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