Can Animals Talk?

Humans define ‘Talk’ as ‘speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings; converse or communicate by spoken words.’
Most people who deal with animals, or have them as pets, would agree that animals do talk (make specific sounds for specific reasons) and many also use tone, facial expressions, etc – just like humans do.
It’s just that humans haven’t yet learned to understand them properly.
Why not join in the conversation in the comments under Viv’s original blog post 😀

Dragons Rule OK.

I posted this in February, soon after I had started my blog. It only got one view! I think that’s because I somehow managed to post another on the same day that got a number of views. I’ve been inspired to repost it thanks to a lovely video from Smorgasbord, Variety is the Spice of Life. Here’s a link to that video showing 3 cats talking. There is also another of 2 cats talking and a 3rd of the response of some kittens to that video.

Follow the link here to watch it.

Anyway, here’s my post.


What is talking?
Talking is using words in order to express a meaning.
What is a word?
A word is a sound, or combination of sounds assigned to a particular thing.

Having set that out I will state that in my opinion, animals can and do talk. Just because they do not talk…

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