Robotic carers? What next? #carersweek

A “Hello Dave” moment? (2001 – A Space Odyssey) – We all know THAT didn’t turn out so well…
I’d much prefer the darn things did all the menial, routine stuff (cleaning, cooking, etc) and freed up the humans to interact caringly with each other.
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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“Robots to look after elderly in care homes…”

That was the only bit of the headline that I saw as I dived out of the shop this morning on my way to work. As a carer. Granted, the implication was that this was a futuristic premise… a possibility yet to manifest… but even so, I was, I admit, entirely and immediately judgemental… and that was before I had time to come home and do a bit of research.

Once I had, I was fuming.

To be fair to those who think this is a wonderful idea, they do not, as yet, intend to replace actual carers with robotic artificial intelligence, though I get the feeling that is only because the technology is, as yet, insufficiently advanced or affordable. One of these robots costs more than I, and many carers, will earn in a year. But it is not some forward-looking…

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