The Return of Blogging – by Dan Blank…

 on We Grow Media site:

I’ve noticed something being talked about by some very successful writers and artists: blogging.

Does that sound weird? As if I’m predicting the return of the pager and fax machine.

Today I want to talk about how deep, long-term projects like blogs are being talked about as the solution to social media burnout that many people I know are experiencing.

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15 thoughts on “The Return of Blogging – by Dan Blank…

  1. Apologies for not commenting on the actual post but I have trouble with that comment engine.
    This: ‘But to create something of value, it requires you to go deep.’
    The ability to go deep,and to really relate to a community of like minded individuals, is why I’m still blogging.

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  2. Dan, you covered so much information. I am still new at this even after a year. Most comments are only about recent topics but some of my family stories are at the bottom and no one seems to read them. I shall just keep trying my best to get my visual concepts/humor out the best way I can. Thanks and I shall read more of your topics.

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